Jackson Burnett

Property Manager

E: rentals@jordanwilliams.com.au

M: 0418 947 469

Driven by the desire to successfully impress and achieve, Jackson’s passion for real estate and business stems from a long line of notable names in Queensland business. Jackson treats every day as a challenge and loves helping people find the perfect property and is determined to achieve the best results for all of his clients.
“We are very appreciative of his wonderful energy and high level of professionalism”, Mr Yarker.
Jackson’s knowledge of the current market and trends backed up by his University major in Real Estate and Property Development allows him to go above and beyond to fulfil his client’s expectations.
Having an excellent experience in sales previously working for TB Hotels, Jacksons willingness to push hard to get his clients the best comes as first nature.
Outside of Real Estate, Jacksons enjoys playing golf, using the famous Gold Coast Waterways and taking in everything this great city has to offer.
If you have any questions regarding all things real estate on the Gold Coast, please give me a call and I would love to have a chat.